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In the book “7 spiritual laws of success” by Deepak Chopra, Monday is “GIVING” day and it’s my favorite day of the week. During this day you give something to everyone you meet. You can offer a flower, or a small gift, you can offer a compliment, a smile, or just a good thought or a blessing. Your love, your time, affection, attention and respect are the most precious gifts you can offer so be generous to everyone you meet today.

Every thing in the Universe is Energy and dynamic exchanges of energy. So things must flow freely in and out of our life. When we feel stuck in any area of our life it means that the flow of energy must be blocked in some way. So in order to reactivate this flow of energy you can begin by giving exactly the things that you feel you lack in your life. It is kind of ironic but it works.

So, give as much as you can! If its money you need in your life, start giving money to people that have less then you. Or, even better, you can help someone earn some money.
If it is love you want to receive abundantly in your life start giving your love to everyone you meet. You can spend a few minutes every day sending love to your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and to all the people in the world. Put love into your house, at your working place, in your car, spread love everywhere you go. Being surrounded by love is the most beautiful feeling!

If you feel you lack time, you can offer a few moments of your precious time to the people who need it.
If you want more fun and laughter in your life make someone feel good and smile.

Give with all your heart, with the intention of making someone happy or helping them when they are in need.

Giving is always a two ways action. It is a gift for the one who is receiving it but it’s even a greater gift for the one who’s giving. You will feel the joy of giving and you will receive back so much more! Whatever you give will come back to you multiplied. Always expect to receive from life what you are offering. So try to be honest, loving, supporting, grateful, tolerant, patient, forgiving, thankful and life will respond likewise.

Chopra also talks about being opened to receive the gifts you are given. You can graciously receive a compliment, the beauty of the sky, the fresh air, the joyous singing of the birds. If we refuse the gifts that the Universe has to offer we might be depriving our selves of any future gifts. If you give someone a beautiful gift to trying to make them happy but they complain about the color or the size or the fabric you don’t feel like giving them any thing else again. This is what happens with the gifts of life. If we are unhappy we shall not be gifted again.

So learn to accept and appreciate all the things that come into your life!

Practice giving and receiving for a few months and you will see that all you need will flow freely into your life!

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