marți, 10 august 2010

Hello everyone!

Our lives are so busy these days that we often forget to be alive. But it’s not meant to be this way. Life can be FUN, can be ABUNDANT, can be full of LOVE and MAGIC, life is BEAUTIFUL!

I made this blog to remind you about all those things that make life better. In the past year I was reminded myself about all this, my life has improved so much and has turned into something really magical and I believe we can all change our lifes into magic. You will be reading a lot about magic since “MAGIC” is my all times favourite word. But you must agree magic is … well, it’s magical!

I want to remind you about loving eachother and ourselfes, about accepting everybody and everything just as they are, about breathing deeply, about really looking and listening to the people we interact with, about joy that can be an all times state of mind, about the beauty of nature and all it’s creatures, about pleasing yourself, trusting yourself, following your heart, loving what you do and doing things that you love, about being grateful for all that you are and have, about trusting the universe to provide everything you need, about daring to have high hopes and wishes, about forgiving all that was done to you and freeing yourself from the past… and so many other things that I haven’t even discovered yet. This blog is about my journey and all the beautiful treasuries I found in the magic forest of life!

It is my desire to bring magic into your life also! And we can begin by SMILING!

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