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Gratitude - a magic KEY of life

I believe that being grateful is like a magical key of life. When you feel gratitude, you are in touch with your soul. Being grateful and appreciating what you have is the best way of fulfilling your dreams. Start appreciating what you have in your life and you will see magic happening. All the things you always wanted will start appearing.

Start a list of what you are thankful for, read it and refine it every day.
It might be hard for you at first and the list will probably be short but I promise it gets better. If you practice just a few moments of gratitude every day you will see that your list will get longer and one day you will find yourself filled with gratitude.
So let’s look for reasons that we can be grateful for.
First of all, we are alive. Have you ever wondered at the miracle of being alive?
Life is something that we take for granted but it is so precious. Many people fear death but never consider being grateful that they are still alive. Being alive is magical and you can be grateful and appreciate every living thing around us.

We all have our incredible body to be grateful for. Our body takes care of itself, it takes us wherever we want to go, it nourishes itself, it heals itself, it gives us ways of experiencing the world like seeing, tasting, hearing or touching. It is a wonderful gift of life and we can say thank you!
We all have family or friends around us that love and support us. We can be grateful that they exist! You can send a message or call your friends and express your gratitude, send them a gift or maybe just send them a good thought.

Even if our current house is not the biggest or the greatest, we live our lives in it so we can bless it with love. If you want a bigger or better house the best way to get it is to be grateful for the house you are living in now. Look for reasons to appreciate it and see what happens.
I often think of all the little things that we use every day to make our life easier and I am so grateful that they exist. My comfy bed is a wonderful thing, all my furniture that keeps me organized, all my ideas, all my inspiration, the reliable car I’m driving, my computer and the internet that makes connecting so easy, the people I meet every day, little (or big) coincidences that make my life magical!

I used to be very critical about all things around me. I always rushed into expressing my dissatisfaction or criticizing everything and everyone rather than seeing the positive aspects of it. But I now know that every thing, person or experience has its positive and negative aspects and it’s my choice to make it right or wrong.
After practicing gratitude and appreciation for a while I can tell you it’s easy and it feels great to look for reasons to appreciate all that’s coming into your life.
So why would we live our lives always looking for what is wrong?

When I was a child I used to say a prayer every night before I went to bed. I used to pray for my family so I asked God for them to be healthy and happy, for me to learn well in school, asked for a toy or other stuff I wanted. But when I got older this didn’t feel right any more.
Now, after learning the power of appreciation, I say a gratitude prayer every night, I say thanks for all that happened that day and everything I appreciate in my life. And it feels great!

Start a list of what you are thankful for, read it and refine it each day!
Say a little gratitude prayer every night before you go to sleep!
Look for things to appreciate in every thing you do, in every experience or person that you meet!
Use a gratitude reminder and think of one thing to appreciate every time you see it!

Select a day from the week that you will call the GRATITUDE day and do all these things for a few weeks. You will be amazed of the results!

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