marți, 17 august 2010

Let go

Imagine you are a baby. You have no worries, your parents take care of you, you are being fed, washed, given everything you need. You feel free to express your feelings; you have no idea about not trusting your self or hating your body or not being good enough. You have complete trust in life!

Now imagine that is the way things are happening right now. And they are! You are always guided, you are always safe, your life has meaning, everything happens for a reason!

I used to be worried all the time. I worried about the future, I dwelled upon things that happen in the past and thought about how I could have done them differently, I needed to control every thing that happened in order to feel safe. But I rarely felt safe.

That’s because I was trying to do the impossible. Now I know I don’t need to control anything. At the contrary, the irony is that the feeling of security comes from the uncertainty itself.
When you begin to realize that everything that happens to you is either an experience that’s here for you to enjoy, either a lesson that’s here to teach you about how you can enjoy more of life, then you can LET GO.

Let go of the need to control your life! Accept everything that happens! Acknowledge the divine nature of every experience! If it’s not fun, then it must be something to learn from it.

Try to accept all things just as they are. Try to stop judging everything and labeling them as good or bad. All that exists is part of this perfect Universe, so nothing can be good or bad, it just IS.
Accept yourself exactly as you are, accept your past actions; acknowledge that you did the best you could at that moment. Accept the present as it is. The present moment is the result of millions and millions of moments and it is perfect just the way it is. It cannot be different than it is. We can wish for the future to be different but the present is just as it’s supposed to be.

Letting go feels much more secure than controlling. Now I love not knowing what’s going to come next. What would be the fun if I had all my future figured out?
As long as I know that nothing can come into my experience unless I let it in with my thoughts and feelings, then I am responsible for all that is happening. So, I trust myself enough to feel safe.

Use a reminder to keep you aware that all is well, you don’t have to control, you don’t need to know it all, you can just relax and enjoy!
Trust the uncertainty of life and experience magic!

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