joi, 12 august 2010

Recreating my mind

While working on cleaning my mind of old patterns of thought I realised how miraculous positive thoughts really are. How powerful are kindness and giving and unconditional love and all the good thoughts that could dwell in our minds instead of dissatisfaction, criticizm, disbelief or fear.

I see that sometimes even if we know or hear about ideas or methods or habits of mind that can improve our life, even if they sound right or take just a moment to do, we simply do not do them. We don’t even try them. Maybe some of them seem hard, other seem silly, other unappropriate but I think in essence we refuse ourselvs a chance to feel better.

When I started changing my life I was amazed to see how easy is to change some habits of mind and how good it felt trying the new ones. I couldn’t believe why people would stay stuck in their opaque and even destructive patterns of thinking when the opposite way was so simple to apply and so effective.
I couldn’t believe how all the world changed around me when I changed, when my thoughts changed.

I used to consider my self an introvert person, I thought I had problems communicating with others, I was very critical of me and others and it’s important to say that all these ideas where habits of thought that I picked up as a child and carried on with them until now. When I stopped thinking I was all that and I started really believing I am what I think I am, I realised I had the power to be whatever I want. Was the introverted, lonely, critical person who I wanted to be? The answer was absolutly NO.

First of all I guess I started thinking I was worth it! I said to my self: I am worth the work that I am about to do. So I started step by step, thought by thought, seeing myself as a voluble, social person, I imagined myself easily interacting with anyone around me, being friendly and nice. And it started happening! I was totally ecstatic one morning when I went outside and I felt like everybody is my friend, like I could go talk to anyone, I felt connected to all things around me. It was magical! And it still is :D

Another example is that I used to think of a relationship as a giving and receiving interaction. If I received something, then, it’s ok to give. I used to think that if I was in the same room with someone if they didn’t say anything I don’t have to say anything. I was sometimes angy at them for not speaking but I couln’t do it myself. I always expected to receive something so I could give myself.
I discovered now the wonderful, miraculous, magical gift that is giving. A gratitude prayer that I love says something like: “How wonderful are you GOD, that put the gift in the act of giving”
Yes, giving is a gift for the one who is receiving but is even a greater gift for the one that gives. I knew that in some aspects of my life – I always loved to make gifts and surprises to the loved ones – but I had no idea that you can give so much and feel so wonderful. Now I can give all the time, I give my attention, my good thoughts, a prayer, my time, a flower, a little gift that I made myself, an idea, support, anything can be a gift!

So, the basic idea is that you can be anything you want. Don’t let your past fool you. Even if you think you were like that all your life and it's too late or imposible to change, that is not true! I used to think you are who you are and people don't change, but I'm glad to say I was wrong! You can change your life and your self by changing the way you think and act and perceive.
This was and still is a magical process for me and I wish you will all enjoy this delightful transformation!

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