marți, 28 septembrie 2010

You are not alone

Did you ever think that your lost loved ones are actually here with you guiding you in every moment?

Today a little girl asked me if I had any money to give her. I was about to get in the car so I searched my pockets and gave her some money. She also asked me if I had an apple because she is thirsty. I was upset because at home I had lots of apples that we’ve picked from our grandparents garden but unfortunately I didn’t have any on me. So she asked for some water and I gave her the bottle I had in the car. She smiled at me and I felt my heart melting.

I remembered my grandmother saying once after visiting a monastery that she saw a beggar that didn’t ask for money, he just looked at her in a certain way that made her wonder what if he was Jesus :)

I wasn’t wondering about the little girl being Jesus, but I wondered about my father. I thought, could it be that my father is guiding me and sending me his love through all people, including this little girl? I started crying and as I drove by the little girl she smiled and waved at me looking so peaceful and loving.

I remember that right after my father died I was laying in bed and I saw a little ant climbing on my hand. It crossed my mind that this might be my father’s spirit trying to cheer me up. I liked this idea so I watched the little ant with new eyes, wondering about it. How could it be in the house, I have never seen an ant in my bedroom before? The next day at the funeral I saw another ant on my fathers hand and in that moment I knew. I felt so much love filling my heart. I felt the love that my father is carrying for me and I knew he will always be watching and guiding me. I could never look at another ant like I did before.

What if we can see behind the limitations of our minds and imagine that our loved ones that are gone from this world are everywhere around us? What if we can imagine God being everywhere around us and try to see Him in the eyes of every creature we meet. And the wonder is that he is. He is always here to guide us and support us, we just have to open out hearts and let him in.

I am asking you to do something today! Go out on the streets and look at every one around you as if they had a message for you, as if they carry the love of God for you, as if they are parts of you or your lost loved ones. Just look carefully at every man or girl or dog or tree with new eyes and see how it feels. I promise you will feel blessed!

Pick someone who you used to see as less important than you (like a beggar or the cleaning lady at your office). Go and talk to them like you are their friend. Release all the superiority. Try to see them as your equal, because you are. We are all wonderful creatures, we are all equally blessed and loved by the Universe.
Make someone feel they are not alone, that they matter, that they deserve, and the gift of the Universe to you will be rewarding!

Mother Theresa once said to a wealthy man that asked her what he can do to help:
“Go out on the streets of the city and find a homeless person that feels lonely and convince him that he’s not! That is what you can do to help!”

How can we feel lonely in a world filled with people? Did you ever consider talking with a complete stranger? No, of course not! What he or she might think? Why would they want to talk to you? They would say you’re crazy!
Why are we so boxed up, so closed in our own minds and houses? Why do we condemn ourselves to loneliness?

Go out now and look at the world! Look at all the people around you! Smile at them, feel love for them and they will respond. People will smile back! People are eager to talk to you, people are eager to communicate and connect to each other! Just make the first step!

vineri, 24 septembrie 2010

Healing your heart

Today, I want to share a story about an experience that enriched my life in so many ways. It is a long and in many aspects a very sad story but please go through the painful part because without the painful part, the good part would have no meaning (like all other things in our life). Thank you!

My father got really sick in November 2009. He knew about his illness for many years but in October - November his condition got worse and worse. He lost a lot of weight, he couldn’t eat, he couldn’t breath well, and he got out of bed less and less. I was already studying nutrition and holistic medicine for a few years, looking for ways to help him. I convinced him to try Gerson therapy, that involved lots of fresh fruits and vegetables juices but they couldn’t have him at the clinic because the illness was too severe so we tried it at home. I was eating only raw foods for a few months and I got myself a juicer that I brought to my parents house and we tried doing the Gerson therapy. It was too hard for him so he couldn’t do it more than 3 weeks.

It was at the same time that I started learning about the mind – body connection and I was more and more convinced that the way we think affects our reality.

My father used to be a very critical person. He was critical about himself, about us, about the world. Now I know that this kind of thinking can create a lot of trouble in your body. Criticizing your self and others puts you in a negative vibration, attracting in to your life more and more reasons to complain and to be dissatisfied.

I started studying healing therapies, energetic healing, working with the energy and tried it on my father but nothing worked. It was very hard for me to even introduce him my ideas because he was very negativist and criticized everything I said. He said these ideas are stupid and he called me and Luci “the philosophers” :)

I wanted so much to help him, I would have done anything. So, because nothing worked, I was very tormented, I spent a lot of time blaming myself that I didn’t do enough, that I could look for more alternatives, that I could stay more at home, even though I went home almost every weekend and spent more than half of my time at my parents house. I was including my father’s healing in every wish list I have ever made in that period. I wanted to find a way of curing him and I was more and more convinced that he would heal. Otherwise, nothing made sense!

Me and Luci fasted on vegetable and fruits juices for one week before Easter and we prayed for a miracle to happen on the Friday before Easter. My father was quite different in that day, he said to me after taking a bath: “Now that I’ve changed my clothes I feel like I’ve changed my soul. I will do as you keep telling me and I will think more positive!” I was so glad to hear that. My heart was singing!

The miracle didn’t happen on Easter but we were optimistic!

Days passed on. My father was worse, than better, than worse and in the mean time I went through a lot of emotions. Sometimes I felt optimistic but most of the time I felt desperate. I was angry at the situation, I was blaming myself, I felt helpless and I saw my life as unfair. After all the things I’ve done….this was not fair!

I was always searching for new ways to help, and when founding a new one I got so happy. I ran over to my father to share it and in that moment it was like hitting a brick wall. It was almost like he didn’t want to be helped. He refused, criticized, mocked all the methods or therapies and then accused them of making him feel worse.

The situation got so bad that he could barely get out of bad, he couldn’t eat, he started having this delirium. He saw some weird creatures in the room and he was afraid to sleep so he slept less and less until he ended up sleeping no more than a few moments and even than with his eyes half opened. He was having panic attacks and he wanted my mother to be always there with him.

This condition lasted a couple of months. During this time he ate less and less, he was nourished mostly from the infusions, he slept less and less and he couldn’t get out of bed without help. We went to the hospital lots of times but they couldn’t do anything for him. The nurse even told me once something that sounded like: “stop coming here, can’t you see he’s going to die?” But this was the last thing on my mind. I couldn’t even conceive such thought.

It was a very painful period of my life. It hurt so much even thinking about his suffering. Sometimes I felt like it would be better if I just disappeared, I couldn’t take it anymore.

It was more and more obvious to me that I could not help him. And that it is not in my power to heal him. And I understood something that I still believe today: you cannot heal someone without their permission; you cannot help anyone if they are not asking for help. So I gave up! I was defeated! I said to God: “I surrender! I trust you to take care of him! I acknowledge you have a plan for all of us. And if it is your plan for him to die than I accept it!”

One day my mother called us to tell us he is unconscious and that we should come home because she doesn’t think he will hold on for much longer. When I got home I was shocked to see him. He was unconscious, he could not move, but he had his eyes opened and he looked trapped in his defective body. We talked to him and he seemed to be reacting a little when we showed up in the room.

At one point when I was alone with him in the room, I took his hand and, for the first time in my life I told him I loved him. I told him that everything is going to be ok and his eyes filled with tears. I never told him before that I loved him. He was very distant with us and I never had the courage of telling him about my feelings even though I loved him so much!

Until the next day he was back from the dead. He got better and better and the next week it was the funniest, best week of my life. He was so funny & crazy & happy. He was more childish, he ate more, he made jokes, and he made us laugh all the time. He wanted to be bathed; he wanted to listen to classical music and surf the internet at 6 a.m.
He asked for something and than he couldn’t remember what he wanted and as we were asking him what he wants he said laughing: “Don’t you know I’m crazy? How could I know what I want?” And we laughed and laughed all week long! Everybody was amazed of his recovery!

After a week, my brother and I had to go back to Bucharest. He was kind of sad as we left and when I asked why, he said with sadness in his voice, like a little child: “Didn’t you hear that I’m going to die?”

And he died two days later…

Writing this here brings tears into my eyes, but I didn’t cry at all at that time.
All those months trying to heal my father, it was me who was actually healed.
I finally accepted my father’s death as I never thought I will. I knew he wasn’t gone!
I knew and felt that death is not the end. I knew that nothing is lost but all is continuously transforming and death is just another transformation. I will never fear death again. So I am finally free to live my life as I never did before because when you live your life in the shadow of death, you are already dead.

I struggled so hard to keep my father alive, I hoped and prayed that I could heal him and in fact it was the very death of him that I needed to accept. We often hold on so tight of some ideas or things we think are the best for us that we miss the very things that are really necessary. It wasn’t until I let myself and the healing of my father in the hands of God that I could accept his death and I really accepted the pain into my heart. And everything that is accepted into the heart is transformed into love.

I actually felt all the pain gathered inside me in all these month of suffering transforming into love and filling up my heart. This love, this bliss, has been with me ever since!

Many of us try to understand our painful experiences with out minds and we can’t. Only the heart can heal the pain. Open your heart and be willing to receive the pain, be opened to any experience, no matter how horrible it may seem, no matter how big the pain may appear to be, open your heart and let it in and the heart will do what only she can do, will transform all pain into LOVE. The heart will help you heal!

Accept everything that happens to you, stop struggling, stop thinking you know it all, abandon your life in the hands of God and you will experience pure love!

I learned so much from this experience!
* I am aware that any healing must come from inside and you must heal yourself before being able to help someone else. Nobody can be healed unless they want to.
* The way we think is totally affecting our body! Criticism, not loving yourself, complaining and not accepting what is happening in your life are damaging your body and creating negative experiences.
* I know that death is not the end and death can be so empowering! Our ancestors (dacii) knew that as they celebrated death instead of mourning.
* I know that there is a plan for every one of us and we must trust that the energy that gave us life is wise enough to take care of us. Nothing is random. All has meaning, every experience is meaningful
* There is no right or wrong. Only we label things as right or wrong and assuming that something is wrong for us and constantly running from it is not always right. There are certain so called “bad” experiences that we must go through so we can evolve and grow stronger.
* The heart is much more powerful than the brain. Stop trying to figure all things out with your mind. Stop trying to understand it all. Just accept all emotions into your heart and experience magic. It's not about healing your heart, it's about your heart healing you!

I am at peace now and I thank my father from the bottom of my heart for everything he did for me. I send him my love and I receive his.

THANK YOU for reading this!

marți, 21 septembrie 2010

3 wishes

Take a little piece of paper and write 3 things you desire. Be as specific as you can. For example:
1.Photo Camera Fujifilm FinePix S200EXR
2.An IPOD classic – 160 G
3.Free trip to Barcelona

Put your little note (it can be a sticker) somewhere where you can see it every day. Picture these 3 things in your mind whenever you see the note. Have a clear image of them and try to feel the feeling, the joy and fun of having them into your life. It won’t be long until they will appear :) Do this as fun, don’t put much thought into it and watch what happens.

Today, a very special girl called Simona offered me two airplane tickets to Barcelona. She planned the trip, bought the plane tickets and made reservations but she cannot go so she wants to give them away.

Two years ago our friends Victor and Adriana went to Barcelona (where Victor proposed to Adriana) and we were "upset" that they didn’t take us (:D). Ever since that time we dreamed about going to Barcelona. It sounded so magical!

Today I met my friend Mihaela to return a book after not seeing her for a few weeks. Two hours later she calls me to ask if I want to go to Barcelona because her friend Simona has two tickets and she cannot go. And of course I said yes! :D
Simo and Miha thank you both so much!

In October is our 12 years anniversary and I was dreaming about doing something special. So we are going to Barcelona!!

I am amazed at every little thing that happens in my life and today I just received a wonderful gift from a complete stranger. I wonder what will happen next?

luni, 20 septembrie 2010

Finding inspiration

Hei! Today I woke up feeling inspired and I thought I can share some of that with you. Here are some videos that you can watch to get inspiration.
The first one is the movie You can heal life itself named after the book of Louise Hay and all the people that appear in the video are beautiful and have amazing life stories to share. Here is part 1:

This is a video that I've watched recently. The message is simple and beautiful: Giving, Oneness and Destiny :) Here is the trailer:

and you can watch the whole movie with romanian subtitles here

And here is Gregg Braden talking about the energy field that connects us all and that allows miracles to happen. He presents some scientific experiments that prove the existance of this energy field, "the matrix". Part one:

Enjoy and feel inspired! :)

joi, 16 septembrie 2010

About the synchronicities in my life

When I ask myself how I would define the life I desire in just one word I guess that would have to be “MAGIC”. But what does magic actually mean to me? A magic life would be like a fairytale. Everything has meaning, you can relax and enjoy because you are sure that all things are for the best, in the end good prevails. Everything is beautiful, sparkling, all things happen just at the right moment, it is filled with miraculous events, wonders and surprises and it’s populated with beautiful, supernatural beings, you never get bored, it gets better and better.
This is how I want my life to be and Synchronicity matches perfectly this scenario.

I believe now more that even that there are no meaningless coincidences. I think that when we encounter a coincidence in our life it is just a glimpse of the infinitely correlated Universe where all things are connected in perfect harmony. People usually consider coincidences as lucky moments of their lives or just once in a lifetime event but we can make synchronicities part of our daily lives. I love coincidences and after reading Deepak Chopra’s book “Synchrodestiny” I want to start harvesting it into my life.

The biggest synchronicity that happened in my recent life nearly blew my mind. It was so beautiful and powerful. The story took place months ago when my father was very sick and we (me and Luci – my sweetheart) were trying in all possible ways to help him get better. We were talking about the power of positive thinking and the power of the prayers and we both agreed that the most powerful prayer must be the gratitude prayer. For my father it would mean that he would thank every day the Divine Power or God for his healing like it already took place, being grateful for what he has, acknowledging the good part of his life.

We knew that this would be very hard for him to accept because he was very sick, hardly getting out of bed, loosing his faith in everything and everyone. He was a religious person so we thought that he would accept this idea if it would came from a priest or monk. He was to sick to get out of the house so it would be great if we could film a priest that would communicate him this idea and give him a gratitude prayer that he can say every day. But where could we find that kind of priest.

We are Orthodox Christians and priests are very rigid in their preaching in our country. We never heard a priest talking about the power of gratitude in fact we never heard any religious person around us talking about gratitude prayers. All orthodox prayers are asking God for something or talking about how unworthy we are.
But we were convinced of the power of the gratitude prayer so we thought that we must find a way. We decided that we should write a text about the power of gratitude, write the best prayer we can write and find someone who could read it and we would record it and play the record to my father and tell him it is from a priest. We knew that this could sound like a blasphemy for most people, even for me it was a bit weird, but I thought that it is important to do it and it doesn’t matter anyway where the message comes from. We are all divine creatures! And we wanted so much to help him!

I must mention that all of this took place in a few days or even weeks. It was like I had an idea. Then I shared it with Luci. Then he had another idea. After a few days we talked about some book we’ve read… and so on. It was a long line of events that took us to this belief that a gratitude prayer would help my father and that we should compose the prayer and find someone to record it.

So, we concluded that we are going to do it some day and we went on with our lives.
In the next week we thought about who we could ask to help us with the voice and almost every day for a few minutes we were singing joyously a sort of religious song that we adapted :) We had a lot of fun doing that and I can’t even imagine where it came from, we just felt like singing over and over again that silly song we made up. We loved the vibration we felt when we where singing together.
After one or two weeks (we almost forgot about our idea) a friend of ours called Luci. She is almost blind and has health problems and as they were talking Luci wanted to tell her about the gratitude prayer. And as he opened his mouth to say that she can benefit from saying a gratitude prayer each day she said: “Luci, you won’t believe what happened to me. I was listening to the radio the day before and I heard this incredible prayer. It sounded like it was from another world. I was so enchanted that I called the radio to ask what it was. After talking to a few people I finally went there and a man made me a CD with the prayer. I have never heard this kind of prayer before in my life and you know me, I am not that religious. But this prayer is really extraordinary, you must here it. It is a wonderful GRATITUDE PRAYER.” At that moment Luci didn’t actually thought about what just happened but as he was reviewing the story to me we realized that our desire has been answered in the most unexpected way.
We went the next day and we took the CD and it wasn’t until we listed to the prayer that we realized the magnitude of this coincidence. It was indeed the most beautiful prayer we could ever dream about. It was MAGICAL! My heart stood still as I listened to the beautiful voice of the priest singing the prayer. The lyrics were wonderful. It gives thanks about all things from being alive to the singing of the birds in the sky and the obstacles in our lives. We couldn't believe that such prayer exists. It was exactly what we wanted and much more than that. It is an orthodox prayer, it was recorded as a song and the voice of the priest and the style of the singing is amazing. And never in my life have I thought about so many things that you can be grateful about! It was perfect!

This was one of the first times I really felt the BEAUTY and the MAGIC of the UNIVERSE. Since then I am aware of this infinite power and I believe it can orchestrate everything is needed to help you achieve your biggest dreams and wishes.

The second part of the story happened a few months later when I was in a very dark period of my life. Everything was collapsing around me and I was very confused and scared. I didn’t know which way to turn so I asked God for a sign: “Please! Give me a sign! If everything is going to be ok please give me a sign!”. Later that day I was cleaning my closet and I found a bag with some old books of mine from college. Among those books I found a little booklet. I couldn’t believe what it was! The same wonderful prayer that amazed me months ago was here, among my books, I had it in my house all this time. My mother used to give me religious booklets so it must have been from her, it looked used so I must have read it before but I cannot remember it. I had tears in my eyes and I knew that all is going to be fine. And it was!

Since then I encountered other little pieces of magic in my life. Smaller coincidences light up my day some times and others make my heart sing of joy because they are signs that show me I am on my path to fulfilling my dreams.

These days I experience coincidences that inspire me to continue my Magic Reminders project and I’m so glad about it because I am sure I am on the right path. I am sure now that choosing this path was a desire of my soul and it is our destiny to follow our heart wherever it leads! Coincidences are there to guide us if we are willing to let them in our lives!

marți, 14 septembrie 2010

Learning to be patient

I had a lot to learn about patience and still have!

Hmmm… All my life I was in a lot of hurry!
Always trying to get the best time, to finish first, to do the job, to get things done as soon as possible. Sometimes I did the right thing because it actually was an emergency but most of the times I got so rushed that I totally forgot to enjoy the process and sometimes in the desire of being fast I ended up being superficial.
I spent a lot of time complaining to my boyfriend that he is too slow and I have no patience to wait for him…I remember always saying: “I have no patience! I am in a hurry! I have no time for playing around!” I was affirming all day long that I have no patience. But I did not know that it’s no fun to be inpatient! I actually thought that being as fast as I am it’s a quality.

I never thought that one day I’ll wish to be able to slow down and relax. Just lay back and enjoy life. But sometimes such a little and silly thing seems so hard to do. We are so busy, we are trying so hard, we hurry so much that we miss our own lives. We forget that the real purpose is enjoying every moment, relaxing and taking things slowly. There is nowhere to hurry to. This is it!

These days I discovered the importance of patience in some many ways.
I thought that changing my life it’s going to be easy and fast. But it wasn’t! It doesn’t look so hard when I look back at the things that happened in my life but my impatience made it seem so much harder. I was always unsatisfied with my results, with my work, with me, with what’s going on in my life. I couldn’t understand why things are even worse than before. How could it be? I knew all these things and did all these stuff different than before!
Now I can tell you IT TAKES A WHILE! You cannot change in one night! But you can change and it’s worth the waiting.
It takes time to change the old habits of thought, it takes time to feel great, but you can start by feeling better. You have to be easy on yourself, be glad about every little change you made. Be glad when you discover an old habit of thought that has been wrong for you! This is the first step in the process of changing them!

I used to get mad at my self when I realized I had a belief that I considered wrong. But that only made me feel worse. Now I feel good about it because it’s a progress. Now I know what to do! I can make myself an affirmation that says the complete opposite, I can understand why it is wrong or where I got the belief from and realize that it is not mine and it’s ok to let go of it. I can release it from my life and be free.

Have an intention to change your life, have an intention to feel better, have an intention to be healthy and then release it in the hands of the Universe and have faith that it will happen at the right time for you. Always keep in mind that your job is to plant the seeds and the Universe will do the rest.

In the mean time you can read some books about changing the way you think or about how food is affecting your body and mind. Take time for your self, try to appreciate yourself more each day. Be willing to accept who you are. Be glad about all that is happening in your life because it is all for the best. And be patient! Enjoy the ride! Take time to relax, to rest, to sit silently and enjoy nature or a flower or your pet.

I’m still working on my patience but now I am doing it with more patience :))
I have learned that it only takes an intention to make a change or learn something about your self. After that, all things that are necessary in the process freely flow in to your life just at the right time. The change happens by itself. You just need to be opened, trust in the magic of the universe and have patience!