marți, 14 septembrie 2010

Learning to be patient

I had a lot to learn about patience and still have!

Hmmm… All my life I was in a lot of hurry!
Always trying to get the best time, to finish first, to do the job, to get things done as soon as possible. Sometimes I did the right thing because it actually was an emergency but most of the times I got so rushed that I totally forgot to enjoy the process and sometimes in the desire of being fast I ended up being superficial.
I spent a lot of time complaining to my boyfriend that he is too slow and I have no patience to wait for him…I remember always saying: “I have no patience! I am in a hurry! I have no time for playing around!” I was affirming all day long that I have no patience. But I did not know that it’s no fun to be inpatient! I actually thought that being as fast as I am it’s a quality.

I never thought that one day I’ll wish to be able to slow down and relax. Just lay back and enjoy life. But sometimes such a little and silly thing seems so hard to do. We are so busy, we are trying so hard, we hurry so much that we miss our own lives. We forget that the real purpose is enjoying every moment, relaxing and taking things slowly. There is nowhere to hurry to. This is it!

These days I discovered the importance of patience in some many ways.
I thought that changing my life it’s going to be easy and fast. But it wasn’t! It doesn’t look so hard when I look back at the things that happened in my life but my impatience made it seem so much harder. I was always unsatisfied with my results, with my work, with me, with what’s going on in my life. I couldn’t understand why things are even worse than before. How could it be? I knew all these things and did all these stuff different than before!
Now I can tell you IT TAKES A WHILE! You cannot change in one night! But you can change and it’s worth the waiting.
It takes time to change the old habits of thought, it takes time to feel great, but you can start by feeling better. You have to be easy on yourself, be glad about every little change you made. Be glad when you discover an old habit of thought that has been wrong for you! This is the first step in the process of changing them!

I used to get mad at my self when I realized I had a belief that I considered wrong. But that only made me feel worse. Now I feel good about it because it’s a progress. Now I know what to do! I can make myself an affirmation that says the complete opposite, I can understand why it is wrong or where I got the belief from and realize that it is not mine and it’s ok to let go of it. I can release it from my life and be free.

Have an intention to change your life, have an intention to feel better, have an intention to be healthy and then release it in the hands of the Universe and have faith that it will happen at the right time for you. Always keep in mind that your job is to plant the seeds and the Universe will do the rest.

In the mean time you can read some books about changing the way you think or about how food is affecting your body and mind. Take time for your self, try to appreciate yourself more each day. Be willing to accept who you are. Be glad about all that is happening in your life because it is all for the best. And be patient! Enjoy the ride! Take time to relax, to rest, to sit silently and enjoy nature or a flower or your pet.

I’m still working on my patience but now I am doing it with more patience :))
I have learned that it only takes an intention to make a change or learn something about your self. After that, all things that are necessary in the process freely flow in to your life just at the right time. The change happens by itself. You just need to be opened, trust in the magic of the universe and have patience!

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