marți, 28 septembrie 2010

You are not alone

Did you ever think that your lost loved ones are actually here with you guiding you in every moment?

Today a little girl asked me if I had any money to give her. I was about to get in the car so I searched my pockets and gave her some money. She also asked me if I had an apple because she is thirsty. I was upset because at home I had lots of apples that we’ve picked from our grandparents garden but unfortunately I didn’t have any on me. So she asked for some water and I gave her the bottle I had in the car. She smiled at me and I felt my heart melting.

I remembered my grandmother saying once after visiting a monastery that she saw a beggar that didn’t ask for money, he just looked at her in a certain way that made her wonder what if he was Jesus :)

I wasn’t wondering about the little girl being Jesus, but I wondered about my father. I thought, could it be that my father is guiding me and sending me his love through all people, including this little girl? I started crying and as I drove by the little girl she smiled and waved at me looking so peaceful and loving.

I remember that right after my father died I was laying in bed and I saw a little ant climbing on my hand. It crossed my mind that this might be my father’s spirit trying to cheer me up. I liked this idea so I watched the little ant with new eyes, wondering about it. How could it be in the house, I have never seen an ant in my bedroom before? The next day at the funeral I saw another ant on my fathers hand and in that moment I knew. I felt so much love filling my heart. I felt the love that my father is carrying for me and I knew he will always be watching and guiding me. I could never look at another ant like I did before.

What if we can see behind the limitations of our minds and imagine that our loved ones that are gone from this world are everywhere around us? What if we can imagine God being everywhere around us and try to see Him in the eyes of every creature we meet. And the wonder is that he is. He is always here to guide us and support us, we just have to open out hearts and let him in.

I am asking you to do something today! Go out on the streets and look at every one around you as if they had a message for you, as if they carry the love of God for you, as if they are parts of you or your lost loved ones. Just look carefully at every man or girl or dog or tree with new eyes and see how it feels. I promise you will feel blessed!

Pick someone who you used to see as less important than you (like a beggar or the cleaning lady at your office). Go and talk to them like you are their friend. Release all the superiority. Try to see them as your equal, because you are. We are all wonderful creatures, we are all equally blessed and loved by the Universe.
Make someone feel they are not alone, that they matter, that they deserve, and the gift of the Universe to you will be rewarding!

Mother Theresa once said to a wealthy man that asked her what he can do to help:
“Go out on the streets of the city and find a homeless person that feels lonely and convince him that he’s not! That is what you can do to help!”

How can we feel lonely in a world filled with people? Did you ever consider talking with a complete stranger? No, of course not! What he or she might think? Why would they want to talk to you? They would say you’re crazy!
Why are we so boxed up, so closed in our own minds and houses? Why do we condemn ourselves to loneliness?

Go out now and look at the world! Look at all the people around you! Smile at them, feel love for them and they will respond. People will smile back! People are eager to talk to you, people are eager to communicate and connect to each other! Just make the first step!

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