joi, 16 septembrie 2010

About the synchronicities in my life

When I ask myself how I would define the life I desire in just one word I guess that would have to be “MAGIC”. But what does magic actually mean to me? A magic life would be like a fairytale. Everything has meaning, you can relax and enjoy because you are sure that all things are for the best, in the end good prevails. Everything is beautiful, sparkling, all things happen just at the right moment, it is filled with miraculous events, wonders and surprises and it’s populated with beautiful, supernatural beings, you never get bored, it gets better and better.
This is how I want my life to be and Synchronicity matches perfectly this scenario.

I believe now more that even that there are no meaningless coincidences. I think that when we encounter a coincidence in our life it is just a glimpse of the infinitely correlated Universe where all things are connected in perfect harmony. People usually consider coincidences as lucky moments of their lives or just once in a lifetime event but we can make synchronicities part of our daily lives. I love coincidences and after reading Deepak Chopra’s book “Synchrodestiny” I want to start harvesting it into my life.

The biggest synchronicity that happened in my recent life nearly blew my mind. It was so beautiful and powerful. The story took place months ago when my father was very sick and we (me and Luci – my sweetheart) were trying in all possible ways to help him get better. We were talking about the power of positive thinking and the power of the prayers and we both agreed that the most powerful prayer must be the gratitude prayer. For my father it would mean that he would thank every day the Divine Power or God for his healing like it already took place, being grateful for what he has, acknowledging the good part of his life.

We knew that this would be very hard for him to accept because he was very sick, hardly getting out of bed, loosing his faith in everything and everyone. He was a religious person so we thought that he would accept this idea if it would came from a priest or monk. He was to sick to get out of the house so it would be great if we could film a priest that would communicate him this idea and give him a gratitude prayer that he can say every day. But where could we find that kind of priest.

We are Orthodox Christians and priests are very rigid in their preaching in our country. We never heard a priest talking about the power of gratitude in fact we never heard any religious person around us talking about gratitude prayers. All orthodox prayers are asking God for something or talking about how unworthy we are.
But we were convinced of the power of the gratitude prayer so we thought that we must find a way. We decided that we should write a text about the power of gratitude, write the best prayer we can write and find someone who could read it and we would record it and play the record to my father and tell him it is from a priest. We knew that this could sound like a blasphemy for most people, even for me it was a bit weird, but I thought that it is important to do it and it doesn’t matter anyway where the message comes from. We are all divine creatures! And we wanted so much to help him!

I must mention that all of this took place in a few days or even weeks. It was like I had an idea. Then I shared it with Luci. Then he had another idea. After a few days we talked about some book we’ve read… and so on. It was a long line of events that took us to this belief that a gratitude prayer would help my father and that we should compose the prayer and find someone to record it.

So, we concluded that we are going to do it some day and we went on with our lives.
In the next week we thought about who we could ask to help us with the voice and almost every day for a few minutes we were singing joyously a sort of religious song that we adapted :) We had a lot of fun doing that and I can’t even imagine where it came from, we just felt like singing over and over again that silly song we made up. We loved the vibration we felt when we where singing together.
After one or two weeks (we almost forgot about our idea) a friend of ours called Luci. She is almost blind and has health problems and as they were talking Luci wanted to tell her about the gratitude prayer. And as he opened his mouth to say that she can benefit from saying a gratitude prayer each day she said: “Luci, you won’t believe what happened to me. I was listening to the radio the day before and I heard this incredible prayer. It sounded like it was from another world. I was so enchanted that I called the radio to ask what it was. After talking to a few people I finally went there and a man made me a CD with the prayer. I have never heard this kind of prayer before in my life and you know me, I am not that religious. But this prayer is really extraordinary, you must here it. It is a wonderful GRATITUDE PRAYER.” At that moment Luci didn’t actually thought about what just happened but as he was reviewing the story to me we realized that our desire has been answered in the most unexpected way.
We went the next day and we took the CD and it wasn’t until we listed to the prayer that we realized the magnitude of this coincidence. It was indeed the most beautiful prayer we could ever dream about. It was MAGICAL! My heart stood still as I listened to the beautiful voice of the priest singing the prayer. The lyrics were wonderful. It gives thanks about all things from being alive to the singing of the birds in the sky and the obstacles in our lives. We couldn't believe that such prayer exists. It was exactly what we wanted and much more than that. It is an orthodox prayer, it was recorded as a song and the voice of the priest and the style of the singing is amazing. And never in my life have I thought about so many things that you can be grateful about! It was perfect!

This was one of the first times I really felt the BEAUTY and the MAGIC of the UNIVERSE. Since then I am aware of this infinite power and I believe it can orchestrate everything is needed to help you achieve your biggest dreams and wishes.

The second part of the story happened a few months later when I was in a very dark period of my life. Everything was collapsing around me and I was very confused and scared. I didn’t know which way to turn so I asked God for a sign: “Please! Give me a sign! If everything is going to be ok please give me a sign!”. Later that day I was cleaning my closet and I found a bag with some old books of mine from college. Among those books I found a little booklet. I couldn’t believe what it was! The same wonderful prayer that amazed me months ago was here, among my books, I had it in my house all this time. My mother used to give me religious booklets so it must have been from her, it looked used so I must have read it before but I cannot remember it. I had tears in my eyes and I knew that all is going to be fine. And it was!

Since then I encountered other little pieces of magic in my life. Smaller coincidences light up my day some times and others make my heart sing of joy because they are signs that show me I am on my path to fulfilling my dreams.

These days I experience coincidences that inspire me to continue my Magic Reminders project and I’m so glad about it because I am sure I am on the right path. I am sure now that choosing this path was a desire of my soul and it is our destiny to follow our heart wherever it leads! Coincidences are there to guide us if we are willing to let them in our lives!

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