luni, 20 septembrie 2010

Finding inspiration

Hei! Today I woke up feeling inspired and I thought I can share some of that with you. Here are some videos that you can watch to get inspiration.
The first one is the movie You can heal life itself named after the book of Louise Hay and all the people that appear in the video are beautiful and have amazing life stories to share. Here is part 1:

This is a video that I've watched recently. The message is simple and beautiful: Giving, Oneness and Destiny :) Here is the trailer:

and you can watch the whole movie with romanian subtitles here

And here is Gregg Braden talking about the energy field that connects us all and that allows miracles to happen. He presents some scientific experiments that prove the existance of this energy field, "the matrix". Part one:

Enjoy and feel inspired! :)

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