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The power of Thoughts

I want to summarize in this post the basics of my experience and knowledge about the theory that thoughts create your reality and you attract everything that happens to you and everyone that you interact with. It's an idea, that in my perspective, gives you great power!
It also leaves you totally responsable for your life. You cannot blame anyone else for being unhappy, or sick, or alone. But as soon as you realize that this is not about blaming yourself but about empowering yourself, life becomes a fantastic experience

It is such a wide subject so I'll be talking about it in many posts but lets begin with the basics:

- We are all made of energy, our body is vibration
- Each thought we think is energy and vibration
- Each feeling we feel create a different vibration in our body
- Every thought we think creates feelings in our body
- Things that vibrate at the same frequency attract eachother, so, in fact, you attract what you think or feel
- Our soul is infinit potential

The law of attraction says that if you are thinking negative thoughts like: sadness, dissatisfaction, anger, fear, hate, sorrow, guilt you attract more of this in to your life.
At the opposite end, if you are happy, optimistic, grateful, loving or confident you will attract those situations that would bring you even more of these feelings.

The Universe is abundant and it responds to all our needs. It gives you everything you want but this works in a certain way that we haven’t been told about until now. I've learned most of my knowledge on this subject from wonderful Esther and Jerry Hicks. They have a lot of free information on their website
After all that I’ve read about this subject I think that the best analogy for receiving what you want by thinking in a certain way is that it’s like growing some plants. First of all, you have to put the seeds in the ground. Then of course, to get corn you need to plant corn seeds.

After planting, you take care of them, nourish them, be patient about it, don’t take them out of the ground every couple of days to see if anything is happening. You don’t stay up all night wondering how is this going to happen, how is the earth going to transform that little seed into a big plant. Hmm, this would be kind of awkward :D
You simply trust the wisdom of nature and you are confident that it’s going to be ok. After a few months the plants start appearing from the ground. At first you see just a little green blade, then it gets bigger and bigger and in the end you can enjoy the fruits.

That is exactly how the power of your thoughts work. Your wishes and thoughts are the seeds and you have to plant them, nourish them and then release them to the Universe and trust that you will receive what you need.
- you need to think healthy thoughts if you want to be healthy
- you need to think those thoughts even if the reality seems to be different – first you plant the seeds, then the plants appear. So first you need to think and feel love thoughts and then someone who loves you will appear in your life.I know it's hard to feel positive and think happy thoughts when all the things in your life are wrong, but trust me, it's worth waiting

- You have to stop worrying! For example stop the worries about not having enough money, wondering how could you get more money when such and such is happening, not trusting the power of the Universe and your inner power
- And I believe the biggest challenge is patience. You need to be patient and trust that everything is going well, all things will come to you at the right time and in the best possible way
- You will start seeing little proofs that show you are on the way of receiving what you want. Enjoy and acknowledge all this

Along with what I said before there are many other ideas that helped me in my journey and I’ll write about each one of them in the future posts. It helped me to know that I have inside me this inner power that supports me in all my actions. I discovered my soul, this beautiful, loving, powerful source that tells me what to do and guides me on my pathway and I felt safe, supported, guided.
I learned to love my self more and to accept others just as they are. I learned about unconditioned giving and loving, I am working on braking my criticizm habit (of my self and others), I try to accept all that comes into my life as a lesson and if it’s a negative experience I ask myself : “what caused this? Why is this happening to me? What can I learn from it?”
I also learned that the Universe is a hologram where every little detail multiplies to infinity and the whole can be found in each little part of it.

So the whole world is in me, we are all connected and every change I make in my self will reflect in the world.
Another interesting idea that served me well is that all people around us are mirrors of ourself that are telling us something about us.
There are many keys in the journey of self discovery but for me, the biggest key of all was loving myself. Louise Hay says, after treating thousands of patients, that the easiest way of healing your life is loving yourself.
But, about all this, in the next posts. Can’t wait to share with you :D

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