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Affirmations can change your life

A few years or even months ago I would have laughed in your face if you would have told me about using affirmations. I would have thought that is stupid to repeat some crazy stuff to your self and it cannot work…
Thank God I’ve tried them and I can say that they totally work!

Affirmations are really powerful! And they are so easy to use and FUN!

We use affirmations all the time, whether we know it or not. Every thing you say to yourself is an affirmation. And usually there’s a lot of negative self talk in our mind. If we would analyze our own mind just for a few hours we would be horrified of the crazy things we think about and the roles our mind plays and the useless things we occupy our minds with. The mind can talk to itself for hours and hours about a stupid little thing playing all kind of roles. We’re thinking about the fight we had with someone, and what you should have said and what would he say to what you’ve said, and then you would do this, and he will not agree…Or we are thinking that we are no good and we are fat and we never do things right and we have no money…
Do you think this kind of self talk is good for us? Or we can start replacing it with some positive self talk? There is a link between your thinking and your feeling and this kind of self talk will leave you feeling miserable.

Maybe you are like I used to be and you don’t believe in affirmations but would you miss your old self talk if you would replace it just 5-10 minutes a day with some positive affirmations? I believe not!

So start making a plan! Oh, how I love plans and lists :)
I made myself a list of all the things I want in my life. Things I do not have right now and I would like to have, qualities I want to improve at myself, bad habits I want to release, things I want to change, all kinds of stuff like that. Then, for each thing I wanted I made an affirmation. It must be simple, short, easy to say, resonate with your heart when you say it. Always put it in the present tense and make only positive statements.
Like for example, if you don’t want to be sick any more don’t say: “I DON’T WANT TO BE SICK” say “I AM HEALTHY!” And don’t say “I will be…”, always say “I AM”

Then, you can use this affirmation whenever you want or need. For my most precious subjects I save some time at the beginning of the day to say the correspondent affirmations but the “little ones” I just say them when I need them or when I have some free time, like when I stay in line somewhere, or when I work at my sawing machine.
I say each affirmation for 5 minutes or so, out loud if I am alone or just repeating it in my head if I’m not alone. At first I thought I had to feel the feeling for each time I said it and I was very careful at each intonation but I found out you can say it as quick as you can, repeating it just like a mantra and I like it better this way.
You can also use affirmations whenever a negative thought comes into your mind. Like each time when you are thinking about not having enough money (and don’t we all think about that?) just repeat for a few minutes, or as long as you can: “I HAVE PLENTY OF MONEY!” or “MY LIFE IS ABUNDANT IN EVERY WAY”

Using affirmations will help you release old habits of thought and create new ones. Usually the only thing that stands between us and the things we always wanted are our own negative beliefs. We may have declared that we want something and the universe immediately responds but if we don’t allow it into our lives it cannot come in. We sometimes think we don’t deserve to get what we want or we have all kind of beliefs that we are not even aware of and this old thinking patterns keep us away from the things we want.

The patterns of thinking from our head weren’t always there. We heard and repeated some idea lots and lots of times until it actually became a belief. So an old belief it’s just a thought that has been repeated so many times into your mind that it has become printed into your subconscious. The good news is that you can replace it with a new one using the same technique. That is why affirmations work. Even if at first you don’t believe what you say, in time your mind will resist less and less, until it will totally accept the new idea, and finally turn it into a belief. And then it will all happen!

Don’t worry if at first you feel weird when you say your affirmation. It is very normal to feel like that, you are affirming something that is not (yet) true.

But don’t give up, in a few days you will see that it gets better.
You can use the mirror to check the level of resistance about a subject. Look at yourself while saying your affirmation and observe your reaction. If it feels really weird, than, you must have some very strong negative beliefs about this subject. Try to find out what those beliefs are, see if these beliefs are logical, see if they are really yours. Most of our beliefs come from our childhood, from our parents or teachers, and we don’t even know we have them. Once you realized what is the belief that is keeping you from obtaining what you want you can just let it go. Say to yourself: “You have served me all these years but it’s time to release you from my life!” And every time an old thinking pattern appears remember to say to yourself: “This is the way I used to think. I no longer want to think this way!” and then you can affirm the new thinking pattern.

Affirmation worked for many successful people and it can work for you!

You can listen to Louise Hay’s tapes, she has lots of wonderful affirmations but you can also make your own. It’s a fun process! You can make like a little poem with rhyme or you can put the affirmation in a little song. Do whatever you can to make it more fun :)

Some of the affirmations I currently use are:

“I am healthy! I am full of energy!”
“I am surrounded by love! I give and receive love every day!”
“I am opened to receive the abundance of life! I deserve the best! My life is magical!”
“I trust myself! I accept myself exactly as I am!”
“I am calm and relaxed! I have patience!”
“I am happy, every cell in my body is smiling!” :)
“I am creative and inspired! I freely express my full creative potential!”
“I work in wonderful projects that bring me satisfaction and prosperity!”

Always remember that everything takes time. It took some time to get you where you are and it will take some time to change. But if you are willing to do anything, intention is all that is needed. Then, just let go and things will happen.

Be patient about it, all things will happen at the perfect time for you. Maybe sometimes it will seem hard. That is because of your own resistance or impatience.
When I first started changing my thinking habits I quit after two minutes. My mind was in no mood to do any kind of work…And the mind is used to do whatever it wants. So, after a few moments of trying to do some affirmations or visualizations my mind said: “I am bored! This is too heavy! Let’s do something else!” and I immediately fell for it. I though, yes, this is too hard… I have no time for this.
The next time I tried it, it was exactly the same…my mind quit after a few minutes.
The third and lucky time I already knew that the mind is slick and lazy and that’s how it is at the beginning. You just need to persevere and after a few days of making the mind to do its exercises it finally says:” OK! If you insist so much, I’ll do it!”

And then you can begin to really say your affirmations and actually start changing your mind habits.

Well that’s it for today. Have fun with your affirmations! Let me know how it works!


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